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Space is a lonely town.

Solid Aerity

The Fashion is Thft
11 March
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abolishment of private property, abortion rights, activist art, all time quarterback, american eagle sweaters, anarchist theory, andrew, animal liberation front, animal rights militia, anti-corporate globalism, art as activism, art not ads, arts and crafts, avenue d, being trendy, benjamin gibbard, bikini kill, billboard liberation front, billy joel, birth control, bomb the suburbs, bratmobile, camping, captain planet, cartwheels, civil disobedience, civilization and industry theory, communes, consumer studies, copeland, critical mass, dancing as art, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, direct action, dissing communism, dreaming, dropkick animal liberationism, dumpster diving, duran duran, earth liberation front, electric six, emma goldman, enon, facials, fair trade, food not bombs, forever 21, fred askew, gay militant liberation, gay shame, gender deconstruction, gender studies, grass, gravy train!!!!, green eyes, guy debord, hair straightners, handwritten letters, heterophobia, hi-posi, hugging as art, ima robot, independent media, information society, iron and wine, john waters, kill hannah, kissing as art, ladytron, le car, le shok, le tigre, may 1968, mayday, meeting new people, melt banana, memoirs, militancy, mobilization, mommy and daddy, music as art, nancy sinatra, napping, natural food market, no more prisons, oprah, peaches, picnicing, pig latin, polaroids, president assasination, produce, public transportation, queer studies, radical individualism, rainer maria, reclaim the streets, red wine, retail theft, rilo kiley, savannah, seashells, sex as art, sex with boys, sexual politics, sexuality, shoplifting, situationism, slip and slides, smiling as art, society of the spectacle, sofia coppola, solidarity, sprinklers, street photography, street theater, synth pop, takako minekawa, tattoo art, the beach, the long winters, the rapture, the shins, the start, tracy and the plastics, trade secret, vegan, veganism, youth liberation