The Fashion is Thft (thepantywar) wrote,
The Fashion is Thft

Celebrity shit talker.

So today I had an interesting conversation with Ryan Cabbrera and Ashlee Simpson.

I swear to my fucking life that this happened. Hartley had her number. I called.

Ryan answers -- asks me how I got this number. Yells at girlfriend (Ashlee) in the background..."Dammitt bitch! Why do you keep giving out your number to these goddamn boys??!!"
Ashlee -- Uh OMG!
Ryan -- "Blah blah blah faggut ass NIGGER this is a business phone number. Profanity profanity profanity. I'm calling the police. I need your SS., drivers license, etc...

If you're looking for a bowjob, Ashlee will be in Fl in a few months..."
Me -- "Listen asshole, you ain't shit! You're not emo, you're not indie, you're black hair is overdone, and you're a fucking poser."
Ryan -- "I don't appreciate the way you're talking to me right now. I'm calling the authoritees."
Me -- "I just want to talk to Ashlee."
Ashlee -- (comes to phone) "Hello."
Me -- "Hey Ashlee...member me? I served you at Johnny Rockets when you came here a few months ago. You ordered a chocolate banana milkshake and you complimented me on my hair. You gave me your number." (thats true)
Ashlee -- "Well, since this is a business number, I don't see why I would have given you this number??"
Me -- "Ashley, this makes me sad. You don't even remember your fans and I'm not very happy with the way you and our boyfriend are talking to me. I'm seriously about to break out into tears."
Ashlee -- "Okay, well have a happy New Year! Bye!"
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i'm in love with her.
I'm in love with the fact that I'm the new celeb shit talker.



January 24 2005, 20:42:23 UTC 13 years ago

Would it disturb you greatly if I were to say that you are absolutely fabulous? You rock my socks. Seriously. Need proof? I is listening to "Woo Hoo" by the 5, 6, 7, 8's. =^_^= Not that that means anything. But hey, I saw you on XY, found you incredibly cute and with a simply smashing taste in music. *dances around* Why do I feel like I already posted here? Oh well, oh well... IM me at Aisoku69 or e-mail me at I'd love to talk to you.
It was a scare that I had, somebody explained mouth herpes to me, I had the symptoms, since I DID NOT do anything with 'the cybergoth', why would I have anything from him? It must have been you. But I'll have you know, I was blessed with mono instead.
And we weren't ever on good terms.


February 1 2005, 00:32:01 UTC 13 years ago