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Heya. I just got a paid account.

Why? Because I just got paid.

Today I watched a homeless panhandler being thrown to cement by a man in an immaculate uniform. The majority of bystanders watched in disbelief as excuses ran from the mans mouth, and blood ran from the mans temple. The man was taken, again, to the house of cement and iron. Today I watched as children with ice-cream cones filled the courtyard where the man once lye face down, knee in his back. Today I watched as peace was commenced and justice was served.

It was crazy. The security officer yelled at me for yelling obscenities and distracting them from "detaining the prisoner."

That got me very upset.

Monday morning I am going to the Keys, so I can go to the ear doctor on Tuesday.
My Grandma just got back from Alaska.

I have a lot of money right now.

Andy and I went shopping.

I'm getting my tattoo when I come back to Saint Petersburg. The hibiscus one.
Erica isn't coming up to see me this weekend. :(

I don't know why I have a paid account. I never use this thing anymore.

Oh yea, and this post is public, because I want everyone to know that I am alive and well. To all of those who told me I'd never get to be where I am now, I hold up my middle finger to you. To all of those who kept up with me and my impossible dreams, thank you. I'd like to hear from a lot of you, now. I've gotten over a lot of my grudges toward people. Hopefully, we've all been down a few new paths since our last meeting (if it was bad).
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