The Fashion is Thft (thepantywar) wrote,
The Fashion is Thft

could this be my only non-whiney, non-heart broken, non-artsy post?

I just had the most horrible cup of coffee I've ever had in my life.
I guess when you're use to a five dollar cup of coffee, a .79 cent cup just doesn't cut it.
Fuck 7-11.

I woke up ridiculously earlier than I had to. Okay, so it was 6:30 rather than 7:00, but still considering I will be up for the next 48 hours; every second counts.

Yea, 48 hours. It'll be tough, but I don't have a choice. All day today (we get back in the keys about 4 am) and than going to school at 6:30 am Friday morning with Savannah. Im going to look like shit - just as I want the kids at Coral Shores to remember me. : ). Than all day friday until Friday night when - on top of hanging out with Savannah all night we might get some rest.

Now I have 40 spare minutes. Sleep? No, I'll never wake up.

As you can probably tell I'm blabbering on because I hate waiting to leave somewhere. I always end up leaving waaaaay early and than I have to wait forevor anyway.

Savannah and I are getting no-dose. Today I get to meet three new people! Xavier, Julian, and Katy! Woohoo! I love meeting new people. Maybe now I'll have some effing friends around here. Maybe.

If not, that only means a few weeks until Fort Myers. Now my Dad is psyched about me leaving because I just dont get along here. And thus, once again, I need an apartment and a job ASAP.

Anyone who finds me either or both of those things before I get there will receive oral sex in return.

So I ended up doing a lot of whining in this post, and I love trashy, loose women.
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