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my father just ruined my day by coming home at 12:30.


but he did say that i could go to the keys. so thats a plus.
im bored and i like to write iteneraries, so deal with it. i should be a cruise ship director.

Thursday, February 5th, 2004
7 am - eyes are open and i do my daily excercise (not really). shit, shower, shave.
8:15 am - start walking to the bus stop.
8:35 am - arrive at bus stop. wait for bus.
8:55 am - bus arrives. get on bus.
9:55 am- arrive at greyhound station (downtown hollywood). buy one way ticket - key largo. wait.
10:50 am - bus arrives. get on bus.
12:30 pm - arrive at north miami greyhound terminal. wait for transfer. keep personal items very close to self (that place is the ghetto). get on bus.
2:15 pm - arrive at key largo. go to house. get ready. wait for savannah to pick me up.
4:50 pm - savannah arrives at my house. switch spots. drive to pick up angela.
5:00 pm - arrive at angela's. angela gets in car. drive to Tri-Rail station (Fort Lauderdale, Fl)
6:45 pm - arrive at Tr-Rail station. pick up Xavier. go to Factory.
7:00 pm - arrive at Factory. go inside. rock the fuck out.
??? am - leave the factory. drive home.
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