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Less than two minutes ago I was outside. Finishing up my last cigarette of the night, it suddenly came to me. No, I didn't have some sporatic, euphoratic enlightenment dealing with past oppression, relationship failures and triumphs, or recognizing what truly makes me happy. I simply stopped to take in the present. The most beautiful feeling of the night was coming down from my last high and experiencing my next. The sound of sprinklers hitting cement, streetlights flickering, and cars parked paralell in crowded lots has been my screened-in view from the second story of apartment two-nineteen for close to two months now. I've met some beautiful new people. I've done some pretty insane things that just two months ago I never thought I'd be doing.

I'm so grateful to have met so many different kinds of people just within the past two years of my life. I've been enjoying some leisure time lately. So what? I'm sure a lot of you are questioning my recent lifestyle change. If you've known me for more than two months, you know what I'm talking about. I believe that we are always constant changing by nature and I won't allow myself to resist that nature.

I refuse to go back to work, at least for a while. I'm starting to feel like for the first time in my life I'm acting my age. That's a beautiful thing to me. If you've been on my friends list for at least a year, you'll remember my "Greenest" posts. Yea, I'm still working on that. I haven't forgotten the one set of writings that consumed a great chunk of my life. I've watched as "Greenest" has evolved running paralell to my surroundings and situtations. Like me, it's constantly changing.

"Because streetlights, like men, are illuminated through many different shards of glass. They're bent to such an angle that light can presume the shape that it is reflecting. It is when we reflect that we begin to see the light."
Greenest 2/10/05
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